Financial Education

Through our partnership with Financial Insight Training, we are pleased to offer you access to the following programs:

Money tells a story about life. Be a great author.
Insight is an experience of discovery. You will learn about your unique relationship with money and be empowered to uncover your whole financial truth. You will gain the skills needed to make confident financial choices and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you through life.

The Insight program will transform your relationship with your finances. This is real talk along with real action steps. We are going to talk about your feelings and shift your perception so that you can be confident about managing the money that flows through your life. And, we are going to implement plans (not just make them!) to establish the best path for your best life.

Yes to financial success with fluctuating and uncertain income.
Ifcome™ is an experience of a paradigm shift. It is time to let go of the starving and noble artist narrative. Artists, creatives, and freelancers are given a new model for financial success that understands the challenges of uncertain income and addresses those challenges in an empowering way.

The Ifcome™ program will transform your narrative about your finances. You will gain access to new language that fully expresses the challenges of the ifcomeTM earner. You will learn to balance both stability and flexibility within the career you want to pursue. And together, as the ifcomeTM community, we will change the conversation once and for all!
Your idea of wealth is the only one that matters.
Benchmark is an experience of creation. The world of investing is unnecessarily shrouded in mystery, seems complicated, and feels inaccessible. This is your invitation to clear away the fog and shine bright lights on what you need and want to know. Whether you are ready to invest, are seeking guidance, or are simply curious about how it all works, you will be welcomed into the conversation.

The Benchmark program will transform your understanding of wealth. You will be guided to set personal benchmarks for the future you dream of and learn how to focus on the steps to get you there. The lessons translate “financial speak” into something we can all understand. You will learn how to discuss your financial picture with a professional so that you can truly understand and feel confident about the guidance they provide.