One small change can have an enormous impact.

As Financial Planners, we know the power of compounding.

Albert Einstein once called Compound Interest the 8th Wonder of the World.  Compounding creates a Ripple Effect where growth begets more growth.  The same concept applies with kindness.  Small acts can have an enormous impact as we lift up our communities and inspire our peers to take action.

Clarus Group is committed to doing our part to help the communities we serve. Each member of our team spends part of their time getting to know high quality non-profit organizations to support with a monetary contribution, by dedicating our time, or both.


Regional Schools

In April 2021, Bryan Koslow had the privilege of co-chairing the Harlem Wizards WizFit Challenge- a virtual fundraiser put together by the Foundation for MERS and the world-famous Harlem Wizards.  Over a two-week period, students in the Manalapan-Englishtown School District grades K-6 participated in interactive events (via Zoom) with Wizards’ players that emphasized Fun, Fitness and Character.  As the children completed the events, they earned prizes and learned valuable life skills.  More than 1,100 students participated in the WizFit Challenge and collectively they raised more than $34,000. 

The Foundation for MERS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2009 to enhance the educational experience of the children in the Manalapan-Englishtown School District.  Since its inception, The Foundation has raised almost $1 million and provided the schools with grants for state-of-the-art technology and creative education programs and materials. 

Bryan Koslow is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation.  His son, Gefen, was one of the top fundraisers in the WizFit Challenge!


Ramah Junior Academy

This month we are happy to highlight a private school called Ramah Junior Academy. Kaysian Gordon, Clarus Group LLC Wealth Manager, was first made aware of this school as her longtime friend, Paula Sanders Blackwell, recently became the school’s Principal.

RJA is a Pre-K thru 8 school proudly serving the surrounding area of Savannah, GA.  They are a part of the largest Protestant school system in the world.  Their system's philosophy  dates back to 1853, having a foundation and approach very similar in style and method to the Montessori and Constructivism approaches, while predating them by 40 years.

We are proud to support this wonderful institution in their efforts to bring up-to-date technology to their students. Our donation will be used towards purchasing a number of smart boards for use by their students and teacher.

Breaking the Chain Through Education

This month we are happy to highlight an organization called Breaking the Chain Through Education. Chuck Rose, Clarus Group LLC Wealth Manager, was first made aware of Breaking The Chain Through Education through local business relationships and through our membership with the North Essex Chamber of Commerce.

Breaking the Chain Through Education Foundation (BTCTE) is a registered 501(c)(3) charity started in 2006 by Evan Robbins with his students from Metuchen High School. The organization’s work is centered around the belief that every child, regardless of the social and economic conditions into which he or she is born, has the right to freedom and an education. BTCTE is currently supporting 76 formerly trafficked children with food, uniforms, and school fees.

Chuck and his wife Heidi along with their son Enzo, dog Koda, and well over than 150 other local participants ran the Summer Kickoff 5k in Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, NJ to benefit this organization.

The Summer Kickoff 5k and Breaking the Chain Through Education were a wonderful example of community, businesses and families coming together to raise awareness and funds for a meaningful impact on the lives of children. Please see the links above to BTCTE and North Essex Chamber of Commerce for other future events!


CASA for Children of Monmouth County

This month we are highlighting a very special organization called CASA for Children of Monmouth County. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. CASA of Monmouth County is part of a Nationwide association of CASA organizations whose sole purpose is to advocate for the best interests of children who have been neglected or abused.

Each year, more than 700,000 children experience foster care in this country- many of them due to abuse or neglect. The Legal and Social Systems in New Jersey do what they can to provide resources for these children but unfortunately there is just not enough funding to give every child the attention he or she needs. CASA volunteers work in conjunction with the Department of Child Protection & Permanency (DCP&P), the NJ Family Courts, and the Law Guardians to advocate for the children's best interests.

CASA volunteers are there to support these children until they find a permanent, safe and nurturing home. After spending extensive time with the child and engaging with everyone in that child's life (teachers, doctors, therapists, and family members), CASA volunteers provide recommendations to the Court.

Clarus Group's founder, Bryan Koslow, recently completed the rigorous training program to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate - above is a picture of the swearing in ceremony at the Freehold courthouse.


Clarus Group Supports Matt Newman and Head for the Cure

We were thrilled to support our friend Matt Newman and Team Newmanium in the 2019 Broad Street Philly Run. Matt has been our partner at TransAmerica for more than 10 years and more recently he's taken on the role of author, motivational speaker, cancer survivor and official ambassador for Head for the Cure.  

Matt and his wife Rebecca have run the Broad Street run for years. In fact, his cancer diagnosis came just eight days after they ran the race in 2013. Matt knew his wife and 3 young children were counting on him to beat cancer and he has. Now, he is using his passion, energy and inspiring story to raise money for a great organization. We are so excited to support him this year!

You can read more about Matt's story here: Starting at the Finish Line.

Head for the Cure's mission is to raise awareness and funding to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers and other supporters, while celebrating their courage, spirit and energy. 

Good luck Matt!