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Clarus Group LLC is an integrated wealth management firm with offices in Freehold, Pennington, and Caldwell, New Jersey, and in New York City. Integrated wealth management encompasses financial planning, risk management, tax planning, estate planning, and life transition planning.

Every financial decision has a potential impact on more than one aspect of your financial life. What sets us apart from traditional wealth management firms is that we go beyond just managing your investment portfolio. The oversight we provide helps ensure that all financial possibilities are considered before decisions are made.

As independent advisors, we have the flexibility to work with our clients in a number of ways. Beyond just traditional asset management, our team may be utilized on an hourly basis, a project basis, or to provide guidance during a critical financial inflection point.

Our process always begins with a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances. From there, we build a comprehensive plan that includes several options and recommendations. We believe that the greatest value we can provide is giving our clients the ability to make informed choices.