Mia Torralba

Account Manager and Tax Advisor

Mia Torralba is the Account Manager as well as a Tax Advisor at Clarus Group.

When a financial crisis struck in her family during her time in college, Mia became very passionate about shifting focus to a financial education. Faced with the rising cost of living in California, she made the life-changing decision to build out a cargo van so her financial resources could be channeled to the things that mattered most - education and experiences. While traveling, she earned a BS in Accountancy from National University and earned a certification as an Enrolled Agent by the IRS to focus on the nuances of tax.

Her nomadic lifestyle has given her hands-on knowledge of the ever-changing tax law around remote work, ecommerce, and the entrepreneurial endeavors of the post-COVID world. Her goal is to use her knowledge to help people create a solid financial foundation which is the key to being prepared for the inevitable curves that life will throw your way.

Mia is originally from Arizona but spends the majority of her time traveling around the country with her partner and pitbull in the tiny home they built themselves. She enjoys playing music, competitive sports, reading fantasy novels, and the excitement of not knowing what the next destination will bring.